About OBNi for Morocco

What is it about?

Who ?
  • Launched in late 2012 by the UK Prime Minister Mr David Cameron.
  • Led by a partnership of the britiqh chambers of Commerce, UK Trade and Investment.
What ?
  • The Overseas Business Networks initiative aims to transform the support available for British SMEs seeking to do business in high-growth, hard-to-access markets across the world.
  • Strengthens the capability of the UK’s own global business-to-business support network in 41 markets worldwide.
When ?
  • On course of execution.
Where ?
  • 41 emerging markets including Morocco.
Where ?
  • Double UK exports to £1 trillion p.a. by 2020.
  • 100,000 more companies exporting by 2020.
  • Shift from 1 in 5 companies exporting to 1 in 4 (EU average).
  • Maintain UK as no.1 EU location for inward investment.
  • Become number 1 EU location in for inward investment from emerging markets.

What’s the roles of the partners ?


  • Agreeing strategic partnerships
  • Providing seed investment
  • Transferring responsibility for SME Support overseas as B2B networks
  • Re-deploying High Value Opportunities

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)

  • Establishing a global accreditation standard
  • Coordinating with UK Accredited Chamber network in the delivery of the programme


  • Developing a global B2B network.
  • Developing a global business support offer overseas.
  • Working with all UK business networks.
  • Working with the UK corporate community to drive up support and investment.

Why Morocco ?


Mr David CAMERON, UK Prime Minister

“There are valuable markets out there that just haven’t received the attention from government that they deserve. Places like Mexico, Kuwait, Vietnam, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, South Africa and Morocco”

“And we need to do more to get Britain into these markets now. So today I am personally appointing a number of senior parliamentarians as trade envoys. They will engage directly with governments in each of these countries and help open up these crucial markets to more British businesses.”

A strategic partner…800 years of bilateral relations

  • A Stable Political Environment.
  • Strong Macroeconomic Drivers.
  • Easiness of doing business.
  • A Business Environment Favourable for Investment.
  • A young and qualified workforce.
  • Competitive Costs.
  • A Geostrategic Location.
  • Ambitious Sectorial Strategies.
  • Modern Infrastructure.
  • Moroccan geostrategic vision as spring board to Africa: free trade access to one billion consumers.

What’s the added value for Morocco ?

To capitalise on British know-how and expertise.

To increase the visibility and the attractivness of the local economy.

To increase foreign direct investment flow.

To contribute to the Moroccan economic exchange growth.

To access an extensive network to benefit from world class services and unmatched visibility.

To redefine new consumer standards and reposition the Moroccan companies to new heights and challenges.

Why BritCham Morocco ?

  • 90 years of business expertise in Morocco.
  • Deep business network diversified in various specialties.
  • Dynamic and well trained team of trade advisers.
  • Very strong relation with Moroccan government and British entities.
  • Long expertise in organizing B2B.
  • Tailored services to match specific companies requirement.

What are the main guidelines of the project?


Identify key strategic sectors and organise relevant trade mission.


Deliver Business Information System for UK SME’s interested by the Moroccan market.


Availability of Business Center.


Deliver wide range of services to UK companies leveraging Chamber expertise and advising how to do business, find the right partner, launch a product and achieving market penetration.


Reinforce communication strategy for activity awerness using modern media support.